Resets the rate limiting for a given key. An example use case is to allow users to complete a captcha to reset their rate limit, then call this function.


import { rateLimit } from 'express-rate-limit'

const limiter = rateLimit({
    skip: (req) => req.url === '/reset', // Don't limit the reset url!
	// ...

app.use(limiter)'/reset', async (req, res) => {
    if (/* Validate that they completed the captcha or whatever */) {
        res.send('Rate limit is reset!')
    } else {
        res.status(400).send("Wrong answer, try again.")

If you use a custom keyGenerator, be sure to replace req.ip with the correct key.


Retrieves the hit count and reset time from the store for a given key.

Note: getKey depends on store support. It works with the MemoryStore and cluster-memory-store, but may not work with other stores. Calling it will throw an error if the store does not have a get method.